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Community Information

White Elementary School welcomes community involvement. Please see links above to learn more about how you can help us build school community partnerships, explore our school calendar and events, and learn about our school vision and mission.

You can also support our school by making a tax donation.

Business Participation: A Community Partnership

  • Business Partners play a vital role in our link to the community. We would like to invite you to become partners with us for the purpose of promoting a safe, caring, orderly, and positive environment for students and teachers. We are one of the five largest elementary schools in Tucson with a student population of 691 students. With such a large population of students and teachers, we’re requesting your assistance with supporting our school by providing incentives for both students and teachers, assisting with the cost of field trips and or providing us with any additional support that your business maybe able to offer. Due to the tight budgets and current state of our economy we are asking for your assistance with this monumental task!

    In return for your time and generosity, White elementary will provide you recognition in our monthly newsletter and school website; place your business name on our marquee, and the priceless reward of empowering students and teachers to achieve their full potential! To begin your partnership today please complete the following form and fax in or return the form in the self addressed envelope. We appreciate any opportunity that you can provide to make a difference in our children's live's.

    Thank You in advance for your support and commitment to education.If you would like further information please contact Mr. Marco Ruiz  at (520) 908-5300. 


    Mr. Marco Ruiz 



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